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Domestic Steplift

Practical: As well as providing wheelchair access, the TSL500 can also accommodate pedestrian access when supplied with bridging steps.

Easy to use: Convenient controls to the carriage, upper and lower levels (Remote option also available) Shallow approach ramp for easy access onto the lift platform.

Easy installation: Self-contained unit is suitable for mounting on to a smooth flat surface and can be easily installed in less than a day.

Cost effective: Often cheaper than a ramp and can be easily re-sited.

Reliable: Battery back-up provides normal operation in case of a power cut.

Low maintenance: Annual servicing recommended.

Safe: Built in the UK to BS 6440:2011 by a Company with over 50 years experience in mobility and access products.

Versatile: The TSL500 will travel up to 500mm with upper gate protection or with a single bridge step.



If wheelchair access to your home or garden is obstructed by several steps, the TSL 1000 offers a comprehensive and practical solution, especially when a ramp is not a feasible option.

The second of our Step Lift range: the TSL 1000 can travel up to one metre and can be easily installed inside or outside of your home allowing easy and flexible access to your home.

The TSL 1000 is easy to use and offers wheelchair users the freedom to access their home and garden independently. Although the step lift provides convenient wheelchair access, it also allows family and friends to continue using the same entrance.

Manufactured in the UK to BS 6440 standards, the TSL 1000 Step Lift consists of a self-contained unit

that can be installed on a flat 100 mm concrete base by our experienced engineers in just one day. The

lift is available with upper gate protection or alternatively with a triple bridge step unit.



A truly versatile lift, the Melody 1 Platform Lift can provide domestic and public access for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility.

The lift can be installed inside or outside the building or home, providing access for heights up to 1 metre.

Compact and user-friendly disabled access, the Melody 1 Platform Lift is both functional and appealing. It has been designed to improve access where a wheelchair ramp is not a suitable option due to lack of space or not enough length to achieve the required gradient, the Melody is free standing and compact, saving space and making it less obtrusive.

The design incorporates an external fixed ramp to eliminate the need for a pit, keeping building work

to a minimum.

Installed by our trained engineers in less than a day, it is a simple solution to disabled access into the home or a public building.



The Melody 3 Vertical Platform Lift provides safe and easy access where stairs or steps would otherwise prevent or limit access to the home or public and commercial buildings. The lift provides a maximum travel of three metres

and is available in two platform sizes and can be installed inside or outside of the building. The Melody 3 is an aesthetically pleasing solution due to the attractive design and lack of a mast or support tower.

Customers can also choose to customize the lift to enhance or compliment its location with the option of special paint colours and finishes. The carriage and upper-level landing gate are painted with polycarbonate infills.

 User safety and comfort are at the heart of the design.

The lift is equipped with sensitive safety surfaces which protect against entrapment below the platform. It is also complete with battery back up for emergency lowering

and the carriage along with the landing gate can be powered for even easier access and egress.



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